There’s a saying in startups, “For every ten startups you see, 11 will fail.” After 24+ months of work, this was a difficult reality to face but the right one.

After recently announcing the shutdown of Cream to our community recently, the real failure would be seeing commercial success as the only validator. We shot for the stars, didn’t even quite get the moon, but the journey provided more value and growth than (m)any alternate pathways could have.

In this post, I summarise seven key lessons learned about founding a startup:

  • Make sure there’s a market and it’s big enough

We’ve announced the shutdown of Cream to our community today. After 24 months of work on the app, this was a difficult decision to make but the right one.

Cream was an incredible ride with countless great memories and friendships made. Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out the way we would have liked.

This article summarises the journey from start to finish: the problem we were trying to solve, the bets we were making, what happened, why I believe it failed, and what I’m doing next. Most importantly, there’s a thank you to those who helped. So many people.

I’ve also…

The future, future, future…. Photo by Alex Iby

Impossible, right? No BS, I swear.

  • What about when you’re paying for something?
  • Driving?
  • Getting in somewhere?
  • And when they only accept cash?

All valid questions and I think you already know the answer to most of them. The truth is, I haven’t needed a wallet because you don’t need a physical one anymore.

Photo by Derick Anies

The question travelling through the minds of many soon-to-be founders/entrepreneurs/non-technical individuals with dreams to make something of their own?

“Should a remote team build my app to save me $$$?

Before we answer that, let’s look at why the question is there in the first place.


  1. Devs are in demand, big time

A part of figuring out how to be most productive brings the realisation that the options are endless and near impossible to fit into a single article. And really, who wants to read an article that long? Not me. To ensure it’s easy to take in and remember, I’m breaking down the different ideas, experiments and methods I’ve adopted into my life in an attempt to be more productive into separate articles. The below tip in this article focuses on preparation as one of the many building blocks I find necessary in getting into the most beneficial mental state to…

Tom Nijam

Product Manager + Founder. Melb, AUS.

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